We use advanced optimization and AI systems to deliver business value

Organizations today have access to large amounts of data and information. However it is hard to know what information is important, how it can be extracted from the rest and how it should be used. Even with the right information, it is often challenging to calculate and compare the costs and benefits of each alternative and to predict the impact of today’s decisions down the line.

Optimeering is focused on delivering advanced algorithms, models and systems that support human decision makers. Figure out what information is important. Assess how it can impact your operations. Make effective operational and planning decisions. Create value for your business.


We deliver algorithms and models to organisations active in the power sector today, helping them produce, consume, trade, regulate and deliver power. Using state-of-the-art optimisation and machine learning methods, our software is used in areas as diverse as power market clearing, network security, regulation and monitoring, market and investment prognosis and demand modelling; for day-to-day operations, medium-long term planning, and strategic decision making. We’ve got a bit more detail for you here.


Optimeering Aqua builds and delivers optimisation-driven solutions for the aquaculture industry. Optimeering Aqua has just released BioPlan, optimising production planning in the farmed fish sector, from roe to harvest. BioPlan helps you improve bottom-line performance, using custom optimisation algorithms to plan harvesting and release of mature fish and smolt. Visit Optimeering Aqua’s website to learn more.

Future Cities

How we use, view and live in our cities is changing. Technology is freeing us from the limitations of 20th Century solutions for transport and energy, enabling innovation in moving us from A to B, and in delivering the energy we use when we get there. This allows us to look at how we use our cities – the space, buildings and infrastructure – with new eyes, driving new possibilities.

Underpinning all this is the intelligent use of advanced, real-time algorithms for ensuring the services you use are available where and when you need them. Optimeering’s Future Cities project is our place for creating the tools to operate our future cities.

Our Customers and Partners