Optimeering welcomes Giulio Gola

GiulioGolaWe are pleased announce that Giulio Gola will be joining our team shortly. Giulio holds a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Polytechnic of Milan/OECD Halden Reactor Project, Norway. His previous work experience includes General Electric, Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) and FirstSensing AS.

He has a spent a major part of his career developing complex computer systems for condition monitoring, system diagnostics and maintenance optimization within the energy sector. These systems consist of using (among others) ensembles of data-driven models (auto-associative neural networks, PCA, clustering) for fault detection and both empirical and stochastic methods for forecasting remaining lifetime for use in maintenance optimisation.

Giulio will undoubtedly strengthen Optimeerings competence in terms of analytics, data-driven prediction and optimisation.




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