Optimeering welcomes Penélope

penelopeWe are pleased to announce the appointment of Penélope Aguiar Melgarejo as an Operations Research specialist at Optimeering. Penélope holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from INSA Lyon and a master’s degree in Operations Research from ENSTA ParisTech. As both INSA Lyon and ENSTA belong to the family of Grandes Écoles d’Ingénieurs, those who know a bit about the French education system would suspect Penélope to be fairly sharp. We can happily confirm that, by adding that Penélope is probably the sharpest student we have ever met.

Differently from the rest of the Optimeering team, Penélope is born south of the equator. Whilst other Brazilian children were out working on their dribbling skills, Penélope found it more interesting to work on math puzzles. Her desire to solve math puzzles led her on to study Applied Mathematics in Rio and when Brazil could not feed her hunger for puzzles anymore, she moved to the country who considers mathematics as the most important subject in the education system – France. Following six years in France, joining Optimeering was the obvious next step.