Machine Learning Specialist

We are looking to strengthen our AI team following confirmation of funding for our new project to develop machine learning algorithms for forecasting power grid imbalance volumes. Are you looking to use algorithms to make a difference in business-critical activities every day? Find out more on our Careers Page, and see how you can put your AI skills to work with us at Optimeering.

We are looking for an Operations Research Specialist

We are after an Operations Research Specialist to join our team in Oslo or Bergen. If you want to apply OR to real world decision-making, day in and day out, we want to hear from you

This position will give you the opportunity to use your expertise to formulate, develop and deliver cutting-edge OR models that provide real value to businesses in Optimeering’s key markets of power and aquaculture. Our projects will challenge you and give you time to think and create – generating innovative solutions, rather than simply churning out the same thing as quickly as possible. Whilst what we do is grounded in the latest academic developments in modelling and algorithm development, our core focus is on delivering practical solutions that provide clear improvements over the existing way of doing things. This is real, applied OR – combining business, industry and process understanding with maths and models to deliver a little bit of magic.

You will work with smart and dedicated people with an interest in OR, analytics and applied maths, learning from each other and contributing in equal measure. This position is a heavy modelling role, and your qualifications will reflect this:

  • Minimum post-graduate degree in Industrial Economics, IT, Mathematics or similar with very strong academic records, especially in OR.
  • Relevant experience from power markets, supply chain management or aquaculture, or a demonstrated ability to quickly learn about and apply your OR skills to new industries.
  • A strong ability to communicate complex OR-methods to non-experts and business users.
  • A commercial mindset and the desire to apply OR to real world problems.

We can offer you a highly competent and passionate work environment, a flexible and diverse work-day and a compensation package that reflects your background, experience, and the value you add to the company. You will quickly be given a lot of responsibility and you will have the opportunity to help drive the development of a new and growing company. At Optimeering you won’t be one of the “rank and file”, limited by a slowmoving, corporate structure – here your creativity and new ideas are warmly welcomed.

To apply, send us your CV, transcripts and an email describing a bit about yourself, your goals and what you would like to achieve with us.

For any questions you might have regarding us or the position, contact Karan Kathuria

Applications close at 12 pm CET on the 28th of March 2016.

Others downsize, we welcome Jo Vederhus onboard

We are very happy announce that Jo Vederhus started his carrier at Optimeering today. Not surprisingly, like the majority of our employees, Jo holds a master in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from NTNU. Jo has previously worked for Markedskraft and DNB Markets, and for the past couple of years been a reoccurring figure the European Startup community.

Jo will undoubtedly increase our competence in terms of programming and data analysis, and be a valuable creative source in developing new solutions. Being a merited chess player in his youth (rumors has it that he has outplayed Magnus Carlsen), Jo will also add great strength to our notorious chess team.


Optimeering growing further with Mattias Svensson

MattiasWe are pleased announce that Mattias Svensson joined our team as a modelling analyst in October 2015. Mattias holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Economics from Linköping University with a specialization in computer science and mathematical optimization, more specifically in using approximate dynamic programming for portfolio optimization.

Prior to joining Optimeering Mattias worked for the Swedish Navy and did something few others dare doing. He crossed the European and African continent from Stockholm to Cape Town by car. Selecting the optimal route for this 30 000-kilometer journey is what we call real world problem solving.

Mattias will undoubtedly strengthen our team in terms of quantitative analysis and durability.

Optimeering welcomes Giulio Gola

GiulioGolaWe are pleased announce that Giulio Gola will be joining our team shortly. Giulio holds a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from Polytechnic of Milan/OECD Halden Reactor Project, Norway. His previous work experience includes General Electric, Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) and FirstSensing AS.

He has a spent a major part of his career developing complex computer systems for condition monitoring, system diagnostics and maintenance optimization within the energy sector. These systems consist of using (among others) ensembles of data-driven models (auto-associative neural networks, PCA, clustering) for fault detection and both empirical and stochastic methods for forecasting remaining lifetime for use in maintenance optimisation.

Giulio will undoubtedly strengthen Optimeerings competence in terms of analytics, data-driven prediction and optimisation.




We are currently hiring

Optimeering is growing, and we are on the look-out for smart and skilled people with a quantitative and modelling background, and who want to really use their expertise, directly and every day. If you’ve done some quantitative stuff, but really want to work in strategy or HR, Optimeering is not for you. We are looking for people who live and breathe modelling, who want to work in a creative and entrepreneurial environment using their skills and expertise on real-world problems in business, government and society. If this sounds like you, click in on our career page and read more.