Algorithms for the Power Industry

Optimeering is all about building algorithms, and we are hugely excited by the potential the combination of data availability, optimisation and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques brings to the power sector. We believe that the industry is about to go through a period of rapid development where more and more decisions will be supported and taken by tools that can crunch this data quickly and accurately, and derive meaningful information and insights from it. Optimeering is at the forefront of these changes, with our focus on developing, implementing and using optimisation, machine learning and deep learning methodologies to support operational decision making.

Power Product Portfolio

IMPALA is Optimeering’s machine learning based system for real-time prediction of power system imbalances and reserve requirements. IMPALA is currently being tailored for Statnett’s operational needs in the Nordic synchronous area.

The Puma Analytic Framework is a unique toolkit for the flexible and rapid storage, retrieval, visualisation and manipulation of time series and time-stamped data, designed explicitly for desktop sized datasets.

Fully integrated with the PUMA Analytic Framework, the PUMA Algorithms are Optimeering’s advanced models for the analysis and prognosis of power markets, with a particular focus on the modelling of uncertainty.

We deliver robust, customised market clearing tools for all types of power market, including the clearing algorithm for the upcoming pan-Nordic aFRR market for the SVK, Statnett, and Fingrid TSOs.

We model quota and certificate markets as they actually work, using AI techniques combined with modelling of actual market actors to simulate market behaviour under realistic market conditions.

Developed for Statnett and SvK, Leopard delivers detailed electricity demand modelling and prognoses for Norway and Sweden, down to the municipal level.

Hard-to-solve problem? Let us help.

Everyone’s challenges are unique to their situation. That’s why often a straight off-the-shelf modelling solution isn’t quite good enough. You need something that is adapted to the specific challenges you face – it might be based on a standard model or approach, but it also takes into account the specific data, environment and structures that impact your day-to-day decisions.

We build bespoke models and algorithms to help you solve your day-to-day decision making challenges in the power sector. Our approach is multi-stage, taking you from scoping to on going follow-up and assistance.

Contact us to find out how we can help you make better decisions.